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    Bourns® IsoMOV™ Hybrid Protectors

    Bourns® IsoMOV™ Component Features:

    • Space-saving form factor
    • Ultra-low leakage current
    • Lower clamping voltage
    • Isolation GDT extends MOV life
    • Passes ring-wave requirement
    • State-of-the-art surge ratings
    • High temperature rating
    • Graceful end-of-life failure mode

    Bourns® Model TBU-RS055-300-WH

    TBU-RS Features:

    • Integrated dual-channel RS-485 overcurrent and overvoltage protection
    • MOSFET technology protects in ~ 1μs with automatic reset
    • Low capacitance design for signal integrity and bandwidth preservation
    • Component-reducing, space-saving two-in-one DFN package
    Data Sheet
    TBU? HSP Info

    Bourns® Model GDT25 Series


    • Fast response time
    • Wide temperature range
    • High surge current rating
    • Low capacitance and insertion loss
    • Stable performance throughout life
    • Small surface mount package

    Overvoltage Protectivon and EMI Suppression

    Bourns and KEKO-Varicon are now ONE! All products have been fully integrated.

    • Seamless ordering of part numbers
    • Easy-to-use varistor product search
    • Bourns’ trusted worldwide support
    • Streamlined product sample requests
    • All products available through Bourns authorized distributor network

    High temps never looked so cool

    • Operating temperature range up to 125 °C
    • Low thermal derating factor, with higher hold currents at elevated temperatures
    • Space-saving footprint sizes from 1812 (MF-MSHT model series) to 0603 (MF-FSHT model series)
    • cUL and TÜV certification
    • AEC-Q200 compliance

    Take control of USB-C thermal runaway

    • Thermal runaway protection for USB-C and other charging cables
    • Trip temperature ratings from 75 °C to 100 °C
    • Compact 1210 and 1206 footprints
    • Low profile for over-molding
    • 12 V and 50 A maximum ratings
    • Ultra-low impedance/resistance

    Bourns® Model HCT Series

    Designed for use with Texas Instruments push-pull converters for high-voltage isolation applications:

    • Battery Management Systems and chargers
    • Gate drivers and DC/DC converters
    • Isolated power supplies for CAN, RS-485, RS-422, RS-232, SPI, I2C, low power CAN
    • Low noise isolated USB supplies

    Increase BMS Life & Safety with Bourns Solutions

    Bourns high-quality components are designed to meet BMS requirements for:

    • Isolated communications
    • High voltage support
    • Effective protection
    • Wide temperature range
    • Accurate current sensing
    homepage_splash_ppotyBourns Wins!
    Bourns® IsoMOV™ Hybrid Protection Component has been chosen Passive Product of the Year by Electronic Products
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    homepage_splash_webinars2Bourns BMS Webinar
    Bourns Power & Signal Magnetics Solutions in BMS (Battery Management Systems)
    Watch now ?
    homepage_splash_isomov_videoBourns® New IsoMOV™ Hybrid Protector Component
    Functionality and protection advantages in a more robust design—it's all in our new video.
    Watch now ?

    Bourns 70 years of trimming potentiometer technology innovation - Multiturn, Single-turn, Military Qualified Trimpots

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