Gurukul Education Forum ...........Where Success is Tradition
Gurukul Education Forum ...........Where Success is Tradition
Gurukul Education Forum ...........Where Success is Tradition

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Gurukul Education Forum has been setup by the Best and Highly Experienced Team of GURUS (Ex IITans.) Our aim is to provide teaching to develop every student.

In Gurukul Education Forum, we will "exercise" your brain, develop your ability to think logically and to solve problems.These are the skills that will be valuable not only in cracking the entrance exams but also throughout your life. Our aim, at Gurukul Education Forum, is to develop a coaching institute to prepare students according to modern pattern of JEE(Main & Advance)/AIIMS/CBSE-PMT/UPMT/CPMT and other Engineering / Medical Entrance Examination.

This mission is to serve the society by providing state of the art teaching learning process, an excellent coaching environment to improve the aspirants intellectual assest & ability for sure success.

Gurukul Education Forum value system revolves around truth, transparency & commitment. whatever we think, we say & whatever we say, we do. We present to you what we actually are. These are called as 'GURUKUL'. Guru refers to "teacher" or "master"; Kul refers to his domain, from the sanskrit word kula, meaning extended family. Unless we "teachers and students" come together as family, it is very difficult to become a leader in this competitive world.

This Journey from just an IIT-JEE Coaching Institute, to the most powerful brand in serious education has been exhilarating. However, the Journey is not over yet. For us at GURUKUL, the Journey will never be over... For us, this Journey itself is the destination.